We Are Now An Online Film Festival

Since the first year of Eclipse International Film Festival, we’ve been concerned with our filmmakers traveling from around the world to the city of Pasadena. The airfare isn’t cheap, and neither is the schedule convenient for any entrants who wanted their movies to reach a mass audience. Azure Lorica, the nonprofit charity behind the Eclipse International Film Festival, have discussed the many ways we can take on the challenge, and have come to resolve itself to a humble answer:

We are now an online film festival.

Yes, that’s correct. Eclipse International Film Festival will now be strictly online – providing updates and online screenings to nominated films (if and when permitted) to our subscribers! The prize has changed a bit, and so has the program. Since many of our filmmakers were not able to travel for their awards, we now are giving their trophies via mail and online. Meaning, the prizes are accessible internationally, and the trophies are sent to the winners. No pressure in attending the award ceremony, as the event will be held locally in Pasadena, at a tea shop, with the judges and members of our organization.

Not to say that you can’t come and enjoy a cuppa with our esteemed Committee and Board Members. In fact, it would be an honor.

Be that as it may, you are relieved of the pressure of making an extensive trip for such a young film festival. As a humble event, although, we will be publishing updates for the selected films, and inviting the public to vote for their favorite films, and in their desired nominated category in the semi-finals. So, do subscribe when the voting event occurs!

And as for the date of the event, we will be pursuing Feb 1st, 2019. Although, as an online film festival, the date premiers the beginning of the voting sessions, occurring in the following months:

  • March 1st: Selected Nominees Announced
  • April 1st: Semi-Finalists (Fans’ choice) Announced
  • May 1st: Finalists Announced
  • June 1st: Winners Announced

Again, we may showcase your film online, with your permission only. Requests will be sent via email. Winners will receive their awards via mail, along with any additional prizes announced for 2019’s event.

For more information, please subscribe today: eclipseiff.com

We look forward to your independent films, and begin our first online film festival of 2019.


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