Aware Fest: New Name, Same Mission

Eclipse International Film Festival is going through a makeover. It was ideal to help multiculturalism build itself up with a festival, but with a lack of film festivals in Los Angeles in the theme concerning mental health, Azure Lorica has a conviction to aid this problem immediately.

We would like to reintroduce our festival by its new title: Azure Lorica Awareness Festival.

Though multiculturalism was a strong theme to begin with, mental health awareness is stronger. Azure Lorica aimed to bring equality, but realizing that some understood that as the patriarchy being manipulated for the women’s advantage, in some countries, the niche became a necessity. For as we all well understand, teens, women and LGBTQ communities suffer heavily under the umbrella of depression, anxiety, and many more. We can help people better this way, and bring the community to a greater enlightenment by concentrating in this matter-in-need.

Now, changes have also been made in the program. We’re still an online film festival, but the prizes will be by our sponsors only. We will be distributing trophies, though. But that’s to come later.

To learn more, subscribe today. And welcome to the Azure Lorica Awareness Festival!


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